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C-B-RTM Number


“Your career potential is viewed through your past achievements. So why should someone else own and control that information.  With Cyber Clipboard take control of your career and excel.”

Simple Process

Excel Today


Use LinkedIn or manually build your profile. Entering required information.


Peers validate transactions against endorsement policies and enforce the policies


Modify your Clipboard Resume (CBR) to promote and market who you are to standout amongst peers.


Apply for the jobs you are interested in. Or notify an organization of your interest after receiving interest request. 

What is a C-B-R Number?

The Cyber Clipboard C-B-R Number is a unique 7-digit identifier for anyone has or will hold any form of employment. This number is immediately assigned once a user registers with Cyber Clipboard and or one of its divisions. The C-B-R Number is used as the starting point for any current and future employees Digital Resume, providing instant access to the most comprehensive database of verified resumes. 

C-B-R Numbers are are intended to be referenced by employers and governmental agency partners to help verify the credentials and/or credibility of the employee in question. C-B-R, which stands for clip board resume, is intended to be used to maintain up-to-date and timely information on millions of employees. The C-B-R   Number is also intended to enable identification of relationships between corporate entities and the employees. Such as the D‑U‑N‑S Number, the C-B-R Number is intended to be likened to a Social Security Number for employees. .

Why Do I Need a C-B-R Number?

The C-B-R Number is intended to give you, the employee, power over your career. All information is input by you then verified by credentialed verifiers who we certify. Once that information is approved by the employee and employer it can no longer be changed, it is immutable and secured by one of the most sophisticated technologies of today. That information will never have to be verified again. Future employers no longer will need to make the phone calls and emails to prove who you are, where you have been, and what you have done, it would have already been done for them. Without a question giving you a first hand look at how your value should translate to your compensation. Why run the risk of having your achievements not accounted for? Don't you deserve to be compensated for your full value and potential? We think you do and that's why having an up to date C-B-R can give you the edge as a candidate.              

How Can I Register for a C-B-R Number?

Instantly receive a C-B-R Number when you register with Cyber Clipboard or its Subsidiaries.